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JoZ Events and Sporty Lesbian Chicks collectively bring you all women events and socials.  By visiting our JoZ Events web site you can opt to receive up to date information on events in the Tri State area. Central location is White Plains NY where mass transportation is easy for our NYC, Queens and Brooklyn friends come from. Our expansion in CT is on going and will continue in our future plan.  By requesting a membership to meetup, other members have the opportunity to social amongst themselves and share other local events. While the best way to stay informed is through the meetup site, if you are more private, you can be added to our exclusive email data base where you will receive reminders of up coming events.


Give back to the community by providing a comfortable environment where shy or outgoing women whether single or in a relationship can be social, build long lasting friendships and relationships. That’s how JoZ met her life partner Elizabeth and wish the same for everyone to have that opportunity. 


JoZ Events started 19 years ago with a mission to provide exciting women's socials in a professional and safe environment. Together over the years, we have created a wonderful group of likeminded women. Since Elizabeth’s passing in 2017, my life partner and your friend, I have continued to provide socials and dances because I know our community is lacking organizations like ours and especially because Elizabeth and I met at a JoZ dance. Part of moving forward for me is the continued success of these events. 


As a new highlight going forward, Sporty Chicks founded by Maureen Harrington and known for their outdoor adventures/socials and JoZ Events founded by Jo Mineo and known for indoor socials/dances have merged to bring you a large membership sphere of 1200+ women with more gatherings and adventures. Currently, there are 2 independent meet up web sites so feel free to register for either or both.

I could not do this without my webmistresses and friend Sue Massi, comedian Christine O’Leary, my niece Rachel Cory and promoter Rainbow Dee’s NY newsletter. Together they help me manage the sites, increase membership and post upcoming events.  While we scout for new venues, we welcome suggestions for the coming year. 


In the past, we have never canceled an event from poor weather conditions. However going forward should bad weather be in the horizon for a booked event, it will be your responsibility to visit the web sites for updates or text JoZ direct at 203-241-3853.

And it’s not without YOU that our success relies on and always remember to invite your friends to join in on the fun.

Thank You.....

JoZ (aka Jo Mineo)

2019 Year in Review: JoZgoesSporty

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