Club Getaway

Between July 14th-16th, JoZ members attended an adult summer camp located in Kent, CT where they stayed in comfortable cozy cabins overlooking a beautiful lake and gorgeous high peak mountains. Filled with adventure, Club Getaway was the perfect place for new and current members to meet up and make memories. They went out on the lake and water skied, wake boarded, kayaked, swam, jump on the water trampoline, and slide down the inflatable slides. They also enjoyed various other sports like zip lining, rock climbing, bungee trampoline, and many more!

That was only during the day time! When the sun came down, members enjoyed dinner parties and dove into wine and frozen margaritas with live music playing in the background. With the live entertainment, members danced the night away. They also enjoyed relaxing camp fires roasting s'mores and singing many tunes. There's so much to do at clubgetaway! This is a yearly trip meaning JoZ will be hosting another event here next summer.

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StandUPandDance & Girls Mix and Mingle

At the StandUpandDance, comedian Christine O'Leary and her team Green Light Comics performed a stand up comedy show that kicked off the night. JoZ members enjoyed a night filled with lots of laughs and dancing. DJ and performer duo Christine and Robin from 2-4-1 entertainment lit up the room and made the night memorable. There are many more dances to come.

The Girls Mix and Mingle was the perfect night for JoZ members to meet and mingle with Q Girls Women in NYC. Located at the Lounge at Elmos, members danced the night away to tunes performed by DJ Susan Levine. 

To find out more about previous JoZ dances, go to the jozevents meetup page and sign up!

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